Message from the editorial board


Message from the Editorial Board

The Canadian Museum of Civilization −located on the Gatineau side of the National Capital Region, directly across the Ottawa River from Parliament Hill −provides locals, Canadians, and tourists with musings on the social triumphs and tribulations it understands as emblematic of Canadian identities throughout our history.

The students of the 2011 Canadian Studies Capstone Seminar at Carleton University went on a guided tour of the Museum and agreed that there were narratives, nuances, and resonances unaccounted for.  Following this tour, the students developed five minute activities that asked guests to challenge their notions of the Canada they know and interact with on a daily basis.  From these presentations, the students crafted papers that comment directly on how Canada has been and continues to be constructed.

In this inaugural issue of the Capstone Seminar Series Journal, we speak to some of those lacunae. Although the Museum talks around colonialism, racism, immigration, refugees, and the tensions of French and English Canada, the sensitive process of confronting these issues directly and explicitly in the space of the Museum is only just beginning. This foundational issue speaks to this challenging and important task. It seeks to insert into public discourse those contentious and traumatic narratives not easily broached by the CMC, a museum faced with the difficult task of constructing an inclusive history of the Canadian nation. The narratives to which this issue attends can be broken down into four rough categories:
– Indigenous and Settler Relations
– Immigration and Diaspora
– Settlement Complications and Growth
– Nation-Building and Constructions of Canada

We welcome you to enjoy this inaugural issue and hope you are ready to confront your perceptions of Canada as it exists and is represented in 2011.  


The 2011 Capstone Seminar Series Journal  Editorial Board

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