Message from the Director of the School of Canadian Studies

Message from the Director of the School of Canadian Studies

I wish to congratulate the students in the 4th-year capstone seminar in Canadian Studies class and their professor, Anne Trépanier, for launching this on-line journal of Canadian Studies. This is the first issue of what will be an annual publication. It is an excellent opportunity for both undergraduate and M.A. students in Canadian Studies to publish their research on Canada and to disseminate this research to a wider audience. It is also an excellent experience for the M.A. students who form the editorial board; the knowledge and experience gained from this activity will be immeasurable.

With this in mind, I invite you to read the following contributions of what promises to be an exciting and engaging initiative in the School of Canadian Studies. I also wish the students well in continuing the excellent work displayed in this inaugural issue of the journal and look forward to future issues.

Dr.Donna Patrick, Director of the School of Canadian Studies, Carleton University

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