Lashia Jones

A Call to Arms: A multi-sited approach to remembering women’s work in WWII

By Lashia Jones
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During the Second World War, women flocked from their hometowns to join the workforce in armaments factories and other war production industries. Their presence in the factories was recorded by national photography campaigns, now part of the holdings of Library and Archives Canada. Today, the stories of their work are told through museum exhibition content at the Canadian War Museum, newspaper interviews, and heritage designation of former factories. Although these collections and sites tell parts of the story, they remain isolated from each other. This paper suggests that multi-disciplinary and multi-sited approaches are best suited to make the connections between sites and larger cultural frameworks. By making connections between sites, pieces of the puzzle are put together, presenting a more comprehensive narrative of women working in war industries.

Second World War, women’s work, multi-sited, Canadian

Lashia Jones is completing her Masters in Canadian Studies at Carleton Universty, specializing in heritage conservation. Her research interests include women’s labour history and multidisciplinary, multi-spatial approaches to preserving history, industrial heritage and vernacular architecture. Prior to her Masters degree, Lashia completed an honours undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto, with a double major in English and Cultural Anthropology. She will be returning to Southwestern Ontario to begin her career as a historical researcher.

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