Spring 2011, Volume 1

Anne Trépanier’s fourth-year Canadian Studies seminar students

Anne Trépanier’s fourth-year 2011 Canadian Studies seminar students

Stemming out from the Capstone Seminar in Canadian Studies at Carleton University, this peer-reviewed journal focuses on Canadian identities. Being in the National Capital, as students in Canadian Studies, each author studied the birth of the NCC and its goals and decided to enter, as Canadianists, in the fields of Heritage, Public History, Socio-political analysis, and Contemporary political and Historical issues. Our course was organized around three main skills to achieve: library and archival research, organization of findings and diffusion. These skills were used to plan, organize and publish a museum activity and a scholarly journal article.

We are proud to launch this first issue. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading our modest contributions to a better understanding of Canada.

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Issue 1 – Volume 1, number 1, Spring 2011.
Capital Issues:  Missing Narratives from Canada’s National Capital

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1. Immigration and Diaspora

***Heather Perrault
Over a Century of Immigration Policy: Managing Economy and Race on the Road to Canadian Nationhood

Shannon Rutledge
Breaking the Mould: Refugees, Stereotypes, and Canadian Media

Noelle Attala
The Italian (Dis)Advantage : The 18th Century to the 1940s Cultural History in Canada : Italians, Facism and Discrimination.

2. Settlement Complications and Growth

***Ben Ladouceur
At the Wildcat: Café Culture in a Canadian Frontier Town

***Eric Rennie
Crossing the Line:  Canada’s Capital Region and the Prohibition Era

Christine Nagy
What Part of the Word ‘Identity’ Don’t You Understand? Accounting for Historical Canadian Events Impacting Identity

3. Nation-building and constructions of Canada

***Valerie Luchak
From Rebellions to Confederation at the Canadian Museum of Civilization: Tension Narratives through the Lens of Jocelyn Létourneau

Nathan Ince
A Matter of Survival: The Development of Anti-Americanism in 19th Century Canada

Stephen Cudmore
All in the Same Boat: Bill Reid’s ‘Spirit of Haida Gwaii’ as a Metaphor for Multicultural Canada

Cara Des Granges
The Pillars of Nationalism:  An Examination of Nation Formation in Canada

4. Indigenous and Settler Relations

Naomi Recollet
The Tourism Influence and the Single Story

Charlotte Hoelke
The Excluded Algonquin Narrative of the Ottawa Valley

***Danielle Lorenz
Our “Home” on Native Land: The Vancouver 2010 Olympics and West Coast First Nations’ Land Claims