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Anne Trépanier’s fourth-year seminar students
Stemming out of the Capstone Seminar in Canadian Studies at Carleton University, this peer-reviewed journal focuses on  Canadian identities. Carleton members of Canadian Studies – undergraduate students, graduate students and even a post-doctoral fellow, the authors studied a specific aspect of Confederation at the crossroads of the fields of Heritage, Public History, sociopolitical analysis and contemporary political and historical issues.Our course was organized around three main skills to achieve: library and archival research, organization of findings and diffusion. These skills were used to plan, organize and publish a museum activity and a scholarly journal article.We are proud to launch this third issue around the theme of Confederation and commemoration. We have welcomed two articles outside of the course this year, and a contribution from a graduate student for co-authoring one. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading our modest contributions to a better understanding of Canada’s political foundation.

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