Spring 2014, Volume 4

(Re)Negotiating Artifacts of Canadian Narratives of Identity

1. Materiality, identity and geography

Industrial Heritage Conservation as Resistance: Environmental History and Post-Industrial Landscapes by Peter Kitay

Fish Stories and Histories: Representations of Cultural Minorities and the Canadian State by Trevor Downham

From “Peaceable Kingdom” to “Warrior Nation”: A comparative analysis of the Liberal and Conservative citizenship study guides by Cassandra Joyce

Ottawa: Symbolic Nation and the City by Heather Leroux

“Empty Space”: North as abstract and reality in Canada Hall by Victoria Ellis

Honouring the Memory of our Ancestors; Birch Bark Baskets by Faith Decontie

The Cultural Appropriation of the Sweat Lodge Ceremony by Sheldon Roussy in collaboration with Brittany Collier

2. Contesting institutional representations

Beyond Survival: ‘Stories of Queer Native Survivance’ in Selected Works by Kent Monkman by Charlotte Hoelke

Personal narratives and first-person interpretation at the Canadian museum of history by Stephanie Elliott

Indian Act or Acting Indian: The Canadian Museum of History, Colonial Amnesia and Re-Membering Indigenous Identities by Geraldine King

The Nisga’a Treaty’s One Sentence Portrayal in the Canadian Museum of History by Brittany Collier

An Exercise in Futility – Reflecting on the Breakdown of Indigenous Identity in Canada Hall by Anna Hoque

Uniting Canada One Rail at a Time: Examining the Canadian Pacific Railroad Exhibit at the Canadian Museum of History by Jasmine Renaud

Blinded By the White: First Nations and the Missing Canadian Trade Narrative by Rachel Snider