Blinded By the White: First Nations and the Missing Canadian Trade Narrative

by Rachel Snider

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National conveyors of Canadian history are active participants in Neo-Colonialism. The Canadian Museum of History, as well as the Mosaika light show, portray a type of history that excludes First Nations’ peoples. This paper includes analysis of Fur Trader’s journals along with the exhibits currently located in the museum. These conveyors of history highlight the efforts of the Canadian government to exclude their violent colonial past and mistreatment of First Nations’ peoples from displayed Canadian history. Actively participating in the exclusion of First Nations’ in settler trade history, the state continues the legacy of colonialism imposed upon the First Nations’ people of Canada.


Settler-Trade Relations, Neo-Colonialism, Identity-Representation


Rachel Snider is a fourth year student currently pursuing a combined honours degree in Canadian Studies and History. Rachel is interested in the current representations of prominent colonial histories in Canada.