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volume5Disturbing representations: Citizenship, Media and Identities
Spring 2015, Volume 5

2015 Students of Capstone Seminar in Canadian Studies

Students of Capstone Seminar in Canadian Studies

1. Citizenship

Cultural Relativism or Multicultural Appropriation? Linguistic Appropriation of Indigenous Histories by Sukeyeena Omran

Protest Space: The Changing Demographics of Activism by Meredith Gallinger

Eroding Canadian Rights and Freedoms; Post 9/11 Canadian Laws and their Effects on Citizens by Peter Wilson

2. Media

Stolen Sisters: Colonial Roots of Sexual Violence Against Aboriginal Women and Unsympathetic Media Representations toward Their Stories in Contemporary Canada by David Sanlal

Coach’s Corner: Don Cherry, hockey and the creation of English Canadian identity in the 20th century by Andrew Silver

Observing the “Inukshuk” at the Vancouver Olympic Games: Cultural Appropriation of An Orientalized Inuit Culture within the Canadian “North” by Shengying Yao

3. Identity and voice

Inclusion and Exclusion: Exploring Indigenous Under-Representation at the Canadian Museum of History by Heather White

An Exploration of Evangéline: Poem, Myth and Pop song by Karly Nevils

Bridging Insecurities: A Post Colonial Analysis of Food Security in the Canadian North by Saralyn Tyler