Eroding Canadian Rights and Freedoms; Post 9/11 Canadian Laws and their Effects on Citizens

by Peter Wilson

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This essay explores the erosion of Canadian rights and freedoms since the implementation of the Canadian Anti Terror laws. In a comparative historical analysis of pre and post 9/11 terrorist events within Canadian society, laws and rights and freedoms are examined and compared to understand the implications of bill C-36 and bill C-51 on Canadians. The social contract that exists between a government and its people is explored by examining the historical roots of political philosophy and discussing the implications of altering the social contract by eroding the rights and freedoms of citizens.


Rights & Freedoms, Anti Terrorism, Canadian, Law


I am a 4th year Canadian Studies Major at Carleton University and have been attending the Canadian studies program for 6 years, switching between part-time and full-time studies while working full time. Having taken an interest in the Canadian Studies program while studying as a special student I became very interested in the academic analysis of Canada and the cultural and historical aspects which come together to form this great country. Born in Ottawa Ontario, I feel I have a special connection with the capital and the unique history which Ottawa offers. I have lived primarily in Ottawa for the majority of my life with the exception of 2 years in Montreal, Quebec and 7 years in Halifax Nova Scotia. Growing up on the east coast of Canada has certainly given me a unique perspective on many things which we study within the faculty of Canadian Studies, the culture, land peoples and history.

I have through my years of study at Carleton University become passionate about the complexity of Canada and the social dynamics which it poses to the world. Having come to the end of my program after many years of study I feel as if there will forever be more to learn about Canada and the many cultures within it. I have studied law extensively as a secondary topic of interest and feel that I have become inspired to be vigilant about its standing within society and the rights and freedoms granted to us. I look forward to studying further areas of interest and conducting independent research in many areas.